SH corporation Future project strategy Urban environmental maintenance project in 4 districts of Sewon

Urban environmental maintenance
project in 4 disctricts of sewoon

Preparing for tomorrow means creating the infrastructure for high tech industry that power up the growth of Seoul. These are just a few of the other duties of Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation of the Seoul Metropolitan that we are proud to provide for all citizens

Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation will ensure that Sewoon Shopping center is the center of Seoul once more.

The area around Sewoon shopping centre will be reconstructed to constitute central Seoul.
Sewoon shopping centre: Represented by the green track of land which follows after Gwanak Mountain, Nam Mountain, Jongmyo, and Bukak Mountain, instead of old buildings, the new residential and commercial complex will boast 36 levels.
The green track of land in scale that connects Gwanak Mountain, Nam Mountain, JongMyo, and Bukak Mountain will be constructed after the removal of the depreciated old buildings in SeWoon shopping center, Daerim shopping center, Eulji-ro, and Tuegye-ro.
Around the green track, residential and commercial complexes such as departments and apartments will become the center of Seoul commerce within an area of roughly 33,000㎡.

Urban environmental maintenance project in 4 disctricts of sewoon