SH corporation Introduction of SH Corporation Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation goals of the establishment and Future vision, construction, history and to introduce their role in the community

SH stands for Seoul Housing, a leading company responsible for the residential of Seoul

Name of company

  • Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation of the Seoul Metropolitan


  • February 1st, 1989.


  • 5 trillion

Human resources

  • President, Auditor, 6 head Divisions, 2departments, 1office, 67 teams, unified control center of 8 districts, total of 695 people


  • Development of housing sites : - 31 districts, total of 11,415,000㎡(Suseo, Daechi, Gayang, Banghwa, Gongrung, Sanggye, Sangam, Balsan district etc.)
  • The supply and the maintenance of housings : 197,977 units (120,893 units for lease/ 77,084 units for installment sales)
  • Urban reconstruction project : JukSeon 2, 1 district
  • 5Construction of apartment type factories : 6 factory districts (339 factory buildings)
  • City maintenance service : - 45 projects such as the road connection from Seoul to Buchon and Woomyon Mountains Road.
  • Maintenance of housing (the unified control center of 8 offices) : 192 districts, 99,106 units.