SH corporation Future project strategy The Southeastern Logistics district

The Southeastern Logistics district

Preparing for tomorrow means creating the infrastructure for high tech industry that power up the growth of Seoul. These are just a few of the other duties of Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation of the Seoul Metropolitan that we are proud to provide for all citizens

We increase the competitive power of Seoul by assisting the Southeastern logistics district and contributing to the efficient operation of the district

Massive logistics centers, the total area of 512,766㎡, are now constructed in the region of Songpa-gu Jangji-dong.
The logistic districts such as cargo terminal, home delivery centre, and storage, the revitalization districts like exhibition centers, accommodations, and offices, and lastly, the shopping districts for selling personal care goods, manufacturing and selling industrial materials will be moved in. Located in the center of Great Seoul area’s traffic network and well-rounded public transportation hub, we will help you diminish distribution cost and enhance distribution industry.
Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation of the Seoul Metropolitan will contribute to the reinforcement of the competitive power of Seoul, through successful development of the
Southeastern region; efficient operation cooperates with private enterprises, which are based on the experiences of the development of housing land in the past.

The Southeastern Logistics district
Division Choeonggye-cheon transfer complex Activated housing complex Logistics complex
subject of development Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation private company public and private enterprise
area 122,850㎡ 178,443㎡ 211,473㎡
facilities breakdown shopping complex construction large stores, lodging facilities, business facilities, etc. cargo terminae, manufacturing, integrated logistics center, storages, etc.

The Southeastern Logistics district