SH corporation Introduction of SH Corporation Customer Charter

Customer Charter

Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation goals of the establishment and Future vision, construction, history and to introduce their role in the community

Customer Charter

Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation will provide the practical administrative
charters for customers to give the stabilization of the citizen’s livelihood, to improve the welfare,
to accomplish the management of human and nature oriented

- We will develop the residence that nature
and human can live together through eco – friendly land development, and future oriented urban construction.
- Our futuristic notion, the newest material and method of construction will construct future, human oriented residences that are ready for 21C.
- Every single services will be done fast and fair in the name of customer service.
- We will greet our customers with the suavity of manner and our best smiles.
- Whenever we bring dissatisfaction or unsuitable upon our customers, we will amend the service and compensate the customers right away.
- We will do our best for increasing residence satisfaction by providing promptness of defect mending and many other residence maintenance services.
- We will carry out the standard of our services and thus customers can evaluate the level of service. The results will be shown every each year.

To Accomplish these goals, all our employees will set concrete standards for customer services and operate those Services enthusiastically

- Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation -