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Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation (SH) has come a long way since our beginnings in 1989. As a local public enterprise, founded by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), we have been contributing to stabilize residential condition and improve public welfare for citizen of Seoul by supplying over 132,000 rental houses and 81,000 houses for installment sale.

Furthermore, SH has established itself as a leading local public enterprise for housing welfare of the citizens. We are continuously going forward by developing new towns, such as ‘Eunpyeong New Town’ and Magok District’, and influencing the government policies to shift to a new paradigm of housing. Even at this very moment, our focus is on the citizen’s satisfaction. All of our employees do their utmost to continuously provide the fine quality housing services and maintain close relationships with our customers under the vision of “Happy City of Citizens with Communication and Consideration”.

SH will always be with you as a leading local public enterprise that enriches your personal environment and as your sincere partner. Thank you for your encouragement and warm support.